curves perks

The coaches, owners, and members of Curves are sure to support you both on and off the circuit.

For over 20 years, our members have benefited from the support of a Curves Coach. Your coach is committed to help you gain strength, teach proper form and challenge you in new and different ways.

For over 20 years, our members have benefited from the support of a Curves Coach. Your coach is committed to help you gain strength, teach proper form and challenge you in new and different ways. Your coach will observe your movement and make adjustments, which may seem minor, but can have major impact on your results. With correct form, understanding how the machines work, and what muscles you’re using, you’ll feel and see great results!

Having a coach can have a profound impact on a person’s results because a coach helps a person do the things necessary to achieve their goals that they otherwise wouldn’t want to or be willing to do. Each month, your coach will provide you with a coaching session. During your monthly coaching session, you will discuss everything from achievable goals, anticipated results, and necessary changes for optimum success. Your coach will help motivate you to uphold your workout habit to continue seeing noticeable results.

Talk with your coach about what’s really getting in your way. Let your coach help you make a plan to work through any barriers so you prioritize your health.

Working out with a friend ensures you show up for each and every workout date. Keep each other on track by planning and keeping your workout commitments together!

Whether on the machines or outside of your club, the Curves women are known for supporting each other and causes in the community.

curves community

The Curves circuit is a circle of support – go ahead and cheer each other on!

From new mums to octogenarians, the circuit is full of inspiring stories of strength, health, and resilience. Last year thousands of women told us their motivation for living a healthier life. These stories were so inspiring that we had to share them with you!

Mmatseke Moshidi | 27
I was worried about my overall health and how it affected my quality of life, I was a 27 year old living in a 35 year old body. When I heard about Curves, I knew I had found a partner to my Health goals. Joining Curves was the best decision EVER! #MyHealth #MyStrength
Ntokozo Zulu | 18
My family has a long history of type 2 diabetes this is because of their life choices and i dont want to add to that never ending cycle this is my reason for wanting to get fitter, its about saving my life. #MyHealth #MyStrength
Joeline Fritz | 42
I Have Already lost 30 kg so my why is claiming back my health and vitality feeling what every woman should feel like when looking in the mirror but being able to help other woman accomplish what I already have walking forward Stronger together! #MyHealth #MyStrength
Bianca Wiehe | 21
I joined Curves because I wanted to feel apart of a team. To be motivated not just about my fitness but about my life. I want to be fit and lean and there is no better way to do it than being apart of a team who cares! #MyHealth #MyStrength
Alecia Swart | 29
I want to enjoy life to the fullest, without restrictions where possible. I want to help people and for me to do that i need to be healthy and mobile! #MyFuture #MyStrength
Juanita Potgieter | 35
As a mother of 3 small children and a wife of a loving husband my family is always my priority. But to keep up with al their activities it's important for me to get in shape and to have loads of energy. Curves is my red bull. It gives me wings! #MyFamily #MyStrength
Boitsholo Bodibe | 25
As a young, black woman looking to make my mark, there are numerous obstacles I am faced with on a daily basis. My older sister having passed away four years ago and not being where I want to be career-wise is what pushes me further, always! #MyHappiness #MyStrength
Chere Kotze | 26
I'm 26, but one day when I'm 70 I would like to get out of bed, walk around without any discomfort and if I fall I would like to stand up by myself. Strength training for my future! #MyFuture #MyStrength
Sylvia Murphy | 33
I chose to stay fit and healthy because I am WORTH it! I look after my family my house my job so why not look after my body. I hate when people say they are too old to excerice? I love myself and my CURVES! #MyHappiness #MyStrength